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Artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass or artificial grass, is a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. It's made from a variety of materials designed to look and feel like real grass. Quality, longevity and warranties vary by manufacturer - In the world of Artificial Turf you get what you pay for. Our turf is manufactured with the highest quality materials and includes a 2 year installation warranty and 16 year manufacturer warranty, which is longer than most competitors. All installs include a FREE cleaning & maintenance within the first year and an optional ongoing maintenance program (quarterly, semi-annual and annual plan) to ensure your turf looks amazing year round. Rest assured you will enjoy quality turf for years to come along with the cost and time savings.

Introducing CoolFlow Turf

Revolutionizing Synthetic Turf with Unparalleled Drainage

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Kids + Pets Friendly

An artificial grass lawn will put an end to muddy foot and paw prints being tracked through the house. It also eliminates the harmful chemicals required to maintain a natural grass lawn.

Save Money

While home costs in Arizona continue to rise, it pays to save, right? Artificial grass allows you to have control over your budget, Say goodbye to buying expensive lawn care products.

Natural Looking

There are plenty of artificial grass products in the market. However, few can match the beautiful color and look of our synthetic grass. Our artificial grass looks good every day of the year.

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$0.89 Per Square Foot

Water Conservation

Water conversation has become a hot topic and water rates continue to rise annually. It is estimated the average US lawn is 750 ft.² which consumes 22,000 gallons of water in a year and with up to 70% of a household’s water usage used just on the home’s exterior. This is a great way to go both eco and budget friendly by conserving water.



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Our artificial turf is a popular choice for those seeking a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor surface.

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