Introducing CoolFlow Turf

When it comes to traditional turf versus CoolFlow Turf, the distinction is crystal clear: CoolFlow Turf reigns supreme. Unlike its inferior counterpart, CoolFlow Turf offers an innovative solution that guarantees unrivaled drainage capabilities, setting it apart from any other synthetic turf product available on the market.
One of the key differentiators lies in the backing. Traditional turf often features black wraps with minimal drainage holes, typically spaced about every six inches or just one hole per square foot on average. This only provides roughly 180 inches of drainage per hour, whereas our CoolFlow Turf provides neary 4X the drainage with up to 700 inches of drainage per hour.  While improvements have been made in recent years, visionary turf engineers recognized the opportunity to surpass these limitations, particularly for pet owners and areas prone to hotter surface conditions and requiring maximum drainage.

Enter CoolFlow Turf, boasting a permeable, non-perforated white backing. This groundbreaking innovation is engineered to provide exceptional cooling properties, rapid drying times, and versatility for a wide range of synthetic turf installations. Whether you consult the experts at Premier Turf AZ or already have CoolFlow Turf gracing your property, the consensus remains the same: it delivers flawless drainage.

Pet owners, in particular, will find themselves enamored with CoolFlow Turf. No longer will they endure the constant hassle of rinsing the turf to combat unpleasant pet urine odors. CoolFlow Turf products truly represent a game-changing solution, surpassing any other turf option we have encountered or offered previously, thanks to their superior drainage capabilities.

Stop by our Showroom today or have us come by for an estimate, where we can demonstrate a water flow test for any of our CoolFlow Turf Products . Prepare to be amazed as you witness the undeniable superiority of CoolFlow Turf’s drainage, surpassing even the most technologically advanced traditional turf backings.

CoolFlow Turf: Setting the new standard in synthetic turf, one unmatched drainage system at a time…Guaranteed!